Established in 1974, Pradeep Industries was armed with the passion, knowledge and workman ship to weave a success story with the threads of excellence.

It’s been a very long time since then and today, Pradeep Industries stands proud on a pedestal where its contribution to the Textile Industry has been widely a acknowledged . We are a company that believes in constantly creating new technology and applying the same to the products with seamless imagination in a bid to manufacture excellence. We are proud to be the OEM to many of the leading brand of the world – A sign which synonymies us trust; something that our vast global clientele has been having in us for the last three decades now.

We processes state-of-the-art infrastructure and have been manufacturing Drop Wire and the same is being promoted under the brand name of “Sun Brand” – A tangible indicator of our excellent manufacturing standards, quality and efficiency.

We owe this element of success to our client-service approach. Our goal is not to simple meet our client’s expectation but to go beyond that. At Pradeep Industries,

You will experience your requirements being met on time, within budget and with high quality; grater efficiency and responsiveness to your business.

A company that is soaring to new heights with every endeavor, Pradeep Industries has defined the standard of business practice on the map of the global textile industry.


We strive to raise the level of excellence by manufacturing innovation. A Pradeep Industries, we believe that with every endeavour; it is an opportunity to pursue excellence. For us, excellence is not a destination but simply a medium through which we deliver a sustainable solution which caters to all the requirements of the client.

We promise to deliver the very best without wavering or compromising on quality and produce nothing but the best.

Our Team

We have a very talented and dedicated team which consists of industry experts and highly qualified technicians. Our team of professionals enables us to provide our clients with international quality textile accessories and provide assistance in every form to our clients all over the world.

We strive to develop a congenial environment for the entire workforce so that each member can contribute with his specialty and the whole team can operate as an invincible team. We make all efforts to inculcate a sense of belonging in all our staff.

Our Core Values

To achieve the objectives of the organization we have established certain core values which aid us in our efforts.

  • Teamwork- To develop a congenial environment for the entire workforce to enable it to perform as an invincible team with a sense of belonging
  • Trust-To be recognized as a name that practices culture of trust and fairness in all endeavors and accomplishments.
  • Consistency- To facilitate and enhance global competitiveness through consistent quality and services.
  • Integrity- insistence on being ethical, moral and transparent in partnerships with clients, vendors, employees and shareholders.
  • Caring- To take good care of all our stakeholders, customers, vendors and employees.
  • Professionalism- promise to deliver optimal products and services on a consistent basis.
  • Pioneer- To persevere on the road to success while setting innovative benchmarks for customer

Client Satisfaction

Commitment to quality and the high performance of our technologically advanced products have put us in the forefront of textile accessories manufacturing. We have acquired an extensive and satisfied clientele all round the globe.

Our customer centric approach as enabled us to establish long term relationships with all our clients. By improving upon the fabric manufacturing process we empower our clients with better techniques and quality. Our ethical business practices and our transparency in dealing with clients have endeared our company with all our clients.

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